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Have a Media Violation Claim?Media of all forms are very powerful tools through which people can spread and access information. For the most part, they are used by people with good intentions and purposes, or simply for entertainment; however, there are some that abuse the power of media to wrongfully tarnish the reputation of others, violate privacy, and commit other illegal acts.

If you have been the victim of malicious media actions, please reach out to the passionate Georgia tort attorneys at The Law Offices of Wayne Grant, P.C. We stay abreast of the latest developments in media violation law and we can supply you with a legal plan of action that will address all the nuanced elements of your case and resolve them in a favorable manner.

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Cyber Harassment and Cyberstalking

Cyber harassment and cyberstalking are committed by individuals who use the guise of anonymity that the internet provides to commit acts that would be considered illegal in the real world. Since the internet is still a relatively recent phenomenon, legislators are struggling to find ways to address cybercrimes, though many states, including Georgia, have begun enacting laws specifically targeting such behavior.

Cyberstalking involves the use of electronic communications, such as email or text messaging, to contact or follow another person without his/her consent for malicious purposes. Law enforcement treats cyberstalking quite seriously since it often precedes acts of violence in the physical world. The State of Georgia recognizes cyberstalking as a crime in section 16-5-90 of the Georgia Code.

Cyber harassment involves the use of electronic communications to harass the victim for the purpose of embarrassing and humiliating the victim. This can be done through text message, instant messages, social media posts, and even by sharing unflattering information or photos on public sites. While this does not pose any credible threat to the physical health of the victim, it may cause severe mental and emotional trauma. Despite this, only a handful of states have begun introducing cyber harassment legislation.

Helping You Take Back Your Life

Those who terrorize others through the use of media need to be put to justice. Let the legal team at The Law Offices of Wayne Grant, P.C. provide you with guidance you need to file a civil suit against the party that is actively trying to ruin your reputation, even your life. Contact our office to learn more.

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