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Each school year, students spend a large number of their waking hours in class, in gym, or on the school playground. These are all places where accidents can happen and people can get hurt. While minor injuries such as scrapes and bruises are a part of growing up, major injuries in school should be taken seriously. Its crucial students injured at school receive the medical support they need to make a full and speedy recovery.

It is also necessary for the student's family to understand how the injury happened and who was responsible. Some school injuries are the direct result of someone else's negligence or wrongful acts by a teacher, coach or school administrator in charge. The experienced Atlanta child injury lawyers at Grant Law Office can help protect your child's rights in these cases and help make sure they get the financial compensation they need to recover.

When Are Georgia Schools Liable For Injuries?

Schools aren't financially responsible for every single minor accident that happens on campus. When a child is hurt, it must be determined who was responsible. When another student physically harms a child, the offending student's parents may be responsible for the injuries. The school may also face legal responsibility for failing to prevent bullying or violence. If an adult employee of the school causes an injury, the school could be responsible for failing to conduct a proper background check or not providing correct supervision of employees.

Many school injuries are caused by negligence. It is the responsibility of every Atlanta school to provide reasonably safe conditions to children on the bus, on the playground, and on the campus. If a school doesn't follow accepted standards of care and a student is injured because of that failure, then the school is negligent and can be sued.

Seeking Compensation for a Child School Injury in Georgia

If your child has been injured in a school-related incident, you can seek financial help for damages including medical expenses, hospitalization, rehabilitation, pain and suffering and mental anguish. If the injury occurred in a public school, you need to file a claim with the government agency running the school, such as the school board or school district. If your child's injuries took place in a private school or a non-profit institution (like a school affiliated with a church or synagogue), then a claim must be filed with the administrators of the school or organization.

Types of School Injuries

Negligence by school officials or employees can contribute to a number of injuries. Here are some common locations and types of school injuries:

  • School bus: Careless behavior by a bus driver, improper training by a school district and a failure to adequately maintain a bus are some acts of negligence that can lead to liability issues.
  • Playground: Schools must provide adult supervision, especially when young children are playing. They are also required under the law to maintain the playground equipment properly.
  • Cafeteria: Students can suffer from food poisoning if the food in the cafeteria is contaminated due to improper storage or preparation.
  • Hallways: Schools must keep hallways and entranceways free of water and slippery substances to prevent slip-and-fall accidents.
  • Classroom: Children can be exposed to asbestos or they can suffer harm because of a lack of supervision in the classroom.

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