What Are Some Types of Medical Malpractice?

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"Medical malpractice" is a catchall term for medical treatment that falls below the standard of care and causes injury or illness as a result. However, medical negligence can occur in many different ways and at any stage in examination, diagnosis, treatment, or follow-up.

No matter which type of medical malpractice affects you or someone you love, the results can be devastating. You may end up in worse shape than when you sought medical help in the first place. You may struggle to carry out basic tasks or to adapt to a life expectancy that is much shorter than you expected. If you're facing an illness or injury and you suspect medical negligence is to blame, please don't hesitate to contact the diligent Atlanta medical malpractice attorneys at Grant Law Office. Call (866) 249-5513 or (404) 995-3955 for a free consultation and to learn more about your legal rights.

What is Diagnosis-Related Malpractice?

Before medical treatment is given, the condition being treated must be identified correctly. This identification is known as a "diagnosis." Medical malpractice can easily occur during diagnosis in several ways, including:

  • Failure to diagnose a medical condition entirely;
  • Mistaken diagnosis, identifying the condition as something that it is not; or
  • Delayed diagnosis that postpones prompt treatment.

Failure to diagnose and mistaken diagnosis almost always result in a delayed diagnosis, because they both use up time between the patient's first attempt to find an answer and the identification of the proper diagnosis.

What is a Surgical Error?

Despite rapid advancements in medicine in the past century, surgery still poses risks. When negligence or malpractice occur, the risks skyrocket. Common surgical errors that may amount to medical negligence include:

  • Unintentional laceration or perforation during surgery;
  • Wrong site surgery, such as amputation of a healthy limb instead of a diseased one; or
  • Foreign objects left inside a patient, like sponges or clamps.

Anesthesia is a key part of most surgeries. Because anesthesia is a delicate and complex practice, anesthesiologists and nurse anesthetists must be properly trained. Anesthesia errors that can occur during surgery include:

  • Negligent preparation of anesthesia medications, equipment, or the patient; or
  • Failure to monitor or respond promptly to signs of distress.

Birth Injuries

The birthing process is a delicate one, and the entire medical staff who attends a birth must be on the lookout for signs of fetal or maternal distress. They must also pay careful attention in order to ensure all procedures are carried out correctly. Medical malpractice birth injuries that may cause harm during labor and delivery include:

  • Negligence in C-sections, such as not ordering a necessary C-section or ordering an unnecessary C-section, or errors made during the C-section itself;
  • Improper treatment during a difficult birth, such as the improper decision to use forceps or an extractor to move the process along;
  • Medication errors that can harm the mother, the baby, or both; and
  • Complications in induced labor, including inducing labor too quickly or failing to induce labor when needed.

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