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On a daily basis, people pass through many buildings. Property owners have a responsibility to take certain steps to guarantee that a premises is safe for visitors to pass through and does not pose any danger of injury, illness, or death to those visitors. However, if a property is not correctly maintained, or if it does not have signs that clearly caution visitors about dangers, visitors to the property are placed at risk of being involved in a personal injury accident or suffering exposure to chemicals and other dangers.

In Georgia, properties open to the public have to offer visitors conditions that are reasonably safe. If a hazardous condition exists, and a visitor sustains a serious or fatal injury in Atlanta, the property owner or the person in charge of maintaining it can be held liable for the victim's injury or a family's loss of a loved one.

Examples of Dangerous Conditions

There are a wide variety of conditions that may be present on a property that could cause a visitor to sustain a serious injury. These conditions include but are not limited to the following:

  • Broken, uneven stairways: Staircases are the most common locations for slip-and-fall accidents. If a step is broken, a property owner has a legal responsibility to repair it in a timely fashion or to post warnings cautioning visitors regarding the dangerous condition in order to prevent a visitor from falling.
  • Chemical/toxic exposure: Property owners are expected to clean up chemicals or toxins in order to prevent the air from containing dangerous fumes or water becoming contaminated. These substances should be transported, used, and stored properly.
  • Criminal acts: If a premises has a documented history of dangerous criminal activity taking place, the property owner can be held liable if a visitor is injured during a crime. If a property owner knows that crimes are being committed on the property but does not add extra security measures to fix the dangerous situation, the property owner can be held accountable if a visitor suffers an injury.
  • Poorly maintained elevators: If an elevator does not have regular and proper maintenance conducted, it may be unsafe. It could lose elevation suddenly, causing an accident, or it may not stop evenly at a floor stop, which may cause a visitor to trip and fall due to the gap between the floor and the elevator's doorway.
  • Slippery or wet conditions: If a building's floors have been mopped or cleaned recently, or if it has rained, it is reasonable to conclude that the property may be slippery or wet. It is not acceptable, however, for a property owner not to notify visitors of the potentially dangerous conditions. If signs are not posted clearly in the affected area and visitors are not cautioned about the unsafe environment, an accident may occur.

There are many other situations that can cause an injury on a property. If you have been injured on an unsafe property, it may be in your best interest to consult with a personal injury lawyer in Georgia to learn more about what your legal options are. Premises liability cases are often difficult to prove, as the property owner must be found negligent in order to be held accountable. Having a highly skilled attorney fighting on your behalf can help ensure that you obtain the full and just compensation you need and deserve for your injuries and related losses.

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