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Do You Have an Underride Collision Case in Georgia?

tire and headlight of big rigOne of the most dangerous types of truck accidents is underride collisions. The trailer for most trucks is lifted to a height which meets the top portion of the average passenger vehicle. When a car collides into a trailer, the momentum may force the vehicle beneath the trailer, causing potentially catastrophic, even fatal injuries to passengers inside. Each year, many lives are lost or devastated due to underride collisions caused by negligent truckers and trucking companies.

Such wrongful parties should be brought to justice, not only for the sake of bringing peace to victims and their loved ones, but also to make the roads safer for everyone else. If you have suffered great losses in an underride collision, please get in touch with an Atlanta truck accident lawyer at Grant Law Office. We will do everything within our capabilities to get you the compensation you deserve and to ensure the offending party faces the consequences of their actions. Our number is (404) 995-3955. We offer free initial case reviews.

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Issues and Developments With Underride Guards

You can spot underride guards on most trucks nowadays. They’re the long pieces of steel attached to the bottoms of trailers. Their purpose is to block smaller vehicles from going underneath in the case of a wreck. However, the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS) believes that today’s underride guards are insufficient, and the statistics corroborate the fact. Still, each year, more than 400 lives are extinguished in underride collisions. Due to this, the IIHS has demanded that the NHTSA enforce more extensive testing and tighter regulations regarding truck safety and underride guards.

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Common Contributory Factors Behind Underride Collisions

Drivers in Georgia should always be wary of nearby trucks. They should also be aware of common underride collision causes so they know what preventative actions to take to avoid a crash. Some of the more common contributory factors include:

  • A truck that is not moving according to the flow of the traffic around them.
  • Dim, dirty, or dysfunctional taillights.
  • Drivers who fail to activate emergency flashers in an extremely slow moving truck.
  • Drivers who fail to use reflective triangles when their trucks are broken down.
  • Broken or insufficient side safety lightings.

Truckers and their companies are expected to abide by certain safety standards enforced by regulatory agencies. This includes maintaining adequately trained staff, conducting periodic vehicle inspections, following hours of operation rules, and so on. Failure to adhere to any of these principles can and often does lead to accidents.

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Atlanta Underride Truck Accident Attorneys Working Towards a Safer World

At Grant Law Office, our Atlanta trucking accident lawyers believe we are contributing towards a better, safer tomorrow by helping clients bring litigation against negligent trucking companies.

To determine whether you have a valid truck crash case in Georgia, please contact our Atlanta underride truck accident lawyers at (404) 995-3955.

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