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Mr. & Mrs. Grant are by far the best! They communicate well. They handled our case with “care and compassion”. Their office staff is professional. I can not say enough about this great team! Would definitely recommend this law firm. Professional Compassionate Diligent!

Rochelle O. from Google

I can't even say enough about the team my wife had at this Firm. Wayne and Kim Grant were beyond excellent as they displayed compassion, transparency and understanding while diligently navigating and handling her case with the same importance as if it were them. Over the time that we have been dealing with them they have somewhat become like family and my wife and I are ever so grateful to them. The Grant Law Firm is truly one of the greatest (if not The greatest) firms who don't operate off gimmicks, catchy slogans or jingles to garner the attention of the communities in need. There's not enough stars here to accurately depict the class, quality and professionalism of The Grant Law Firm. Just pure excellence!

Eric C. from Google

Attorney Grant is an amazing attorney. I had a legal problem and he made sure to guide me to the right way pursuing this legal problem. I really appreciate it he is an amazing good hearted attorney. I will definitely resort to him whenever I have a legal issue . THANKS Mr. GRANT

Anonymous from Google

The team worked hard the explore every option and present the best case possible. Their kindness and caring was above and beyond and most appreciated during a most difficult time.

M.S. from Google


Just wanted to let you know that I got the letter and the money is in the Bank!! Again, neither of us can ever thank you, Mr. Wayne and your entire staff for all of the hard work that you put into this case! You have helped and blessed us more than you will ever know! We will always love you! I truly hope that the Lord will bless you for all that you do for people! You do not find good people such as yourselves in todays world very much anymore. Also when things calm down I will let you know as we would love to come up and take you out to Dinner. Again, we are truly thankful, appreciative and blessed more than you will ever know. We thank you all from the bottom of our hearts! God bless...

Bibb County, GA

 Overall Rating: 5 out of 5 stars

Avvo Review: Dependable, Dedicated, and Determined

Wayne Grant was there for me during what could only be described as the worst time in my life. He was professional, yet personable and left no stone unturned in getting standard operating procedures changed in hospitals to make certain what happened to me cannot ever happen to anyone else again. He was willing to take my case even though he knew it would be an up hill battle all the way. He was kind and compassionate and always available whenever I had questions or just needed to talk about what I was going through. I can't imagine needing legal representation and not having Wayne. He is dependable, dedicated to the case, and determined to do what is right no matter what.

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 Overall Rating: 5 out of 5 stars

Avvo Review: You have Lawyers and Great Lawyers

Being part of a lawsuit is frustrating. It is emotionally and mentally draining. I am glad Wayne was my lawyer. He was with me throughout the last five years and coping with the situation at hand was much easier with him by my side. Hospitals should be held accountable for any negligence concerning the quality of patient care. Wayne felt the same way. He always knew the latest update concerning the case. I received a letter or email every six weeks. I called quite a bit too. If I had a question, he explained it until I understood the situation. He genuinely cared for me and my well-being. I was nervous about the lawsuit so much that I often times became ill thinking about it. Wayne was always there to listen. There are lawyers and great lawyers. I was blessed with a great lawyer.

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I could not more highly recommend Wayne Grant for any complex legal matter.

I was referred to Wayne by an associate in the government oversight field that followed significant cases across the country after I asked them for a referral after getting nowhere with my case with so-called "Super Lawyers" and other attorneys in the media violations field in my area of the country.

I contacted Wayne, who had been successful for several other clients in the area of media violations, and I was immediately impressed.

Where all of the prior attorneys I had contacted were very poor in responding to my communications (if they bothered to respond at all), Wayne was always very timely and professional in communicating with me both before he took the case and in all communications during the process.

Whereas other attorneys had decided to pass on what I knew was a solid case because they were adverse to taking on any case on a contingent basis without a virtual 100 percent surety in their minds of success, I was extremely gratified when Wayne took the case as he saw the merit of the case even better than I did due to his experience in the area.

If that wasn't impressive enough to me after dealing with a gaggle of lesser attorneys in the practice area in my region of the country, Wayne and his wife Kim's diligence in preparing for the case was truly amazing as well as heartening after so many months spinning my wheels with other attorneys who had strung me along and wasted my time with no serious intention of taking my case.

I was also pleasantly surprised with Wayne and Kim's use of multimedia and web savvy skills in support of my case. Just another example of how Wayne and Kim always managed to exceed even my wildest expectations of how hard a firm would work on my behalf when retained.

It was mutually decided that we would try mediation with the media company before filing suit.

Wayne and Kim prepared for the mediation just as I witnessed them act on my behalf throughout the whole process--with their obvious great depth of legal expertise and dogged effort on my case of 100% and more.

Wayne's deep experience in settling cases in mediation when possible proved critical to the case. His vetting of prospective mediators and agreeing on an acceptable one with the other party was one area of his expertise that I believe was critical to the successful outcome of the case.

Due to the geographic separation involved, the day before the mediation I met Wayne and Kim face to face for the first time. Their obvious comfortableness and optimism with the process eased my nerves during that strategy meeting.

Of course, that wasn't the first time I strategized with Wayne and Kim about the case. Their consultation with me in key decisions about the case was routine--another pleasant surprise.

The day of the mediation was surreal. We were outnumbered by people on the other side over 2 to 1.

We went to separate rooms after opening statements, and the long process of mediation began.

Wayne and Kim had prepared me for what to expect so there were no surprises.

Even though it was a process that lasted many hours, I was amazed watching Wayne and Kim in action, constantly working on adjusting strategy moment to moment to ensure the best possible outcome.

During the mediation, Wayne and Kim worked in concert together, even coming up with new insights in real time during the mediation that I had never thought of that ultimately proved to be critical to the successful outcome that followed. I sat in awe watching them both work, admiring their legal prowess unfolding like a fine symphony before me. It was as if the James Bond and his heroine of the legal world were taking down the arguments of the bad guys one by one.

Needless to say, their superior arguments and expertise wore down the other side's feeble attempts to deflect liability and a settlement was reached, well exceeding my hopes.

After the settlement was reached, Wayne and Kim worked diligently to complete the formal settlement paperwork and get my settlement to me early as possible.

After so many bad experiences with attorneys, I feel blessed to have had Wayne and Kim work on my behalf. They are true credits to a their profession where so many others treat clients and potential clients poorly.

If you are lucky enough to retain Wayne for any matter, I know he will help you just as he so ably helped me.

Whatever you think of the legal fees of lawyers, I think you'll find, as I did, that a stellar attorney like Wayne is worth every penny he charges and more.

I couldn't be happier with Wayne and Kim's representation of me. They believed in me and my case when much lesser "Super Lawyers" didn't. They so believed in me and my case that they flew across the country to represent me.

There should be a new caliber of lawyer rating created for attorneys like Wayne above "Super Lawyer." Wayne is, in my informed opinion, the best attorney in the country on media violation cases.

I urge anyone who wants a great attorney to work on their behalf to contact Wayne, even if your case is not one of the types of cases Wayne focuses on with his website.

Wayne and his wife Kim are not just World Class attorneys--they right the wrongs that most other attorneys can't. They give hope to those seeking redress for their damages, whether physical or otherwise.

Their expertise has restored and even saved lives once without hope. I credit them with saving mine, and giving me a new lease on life.

Renton, WA

When my wife suffered a brain injury as the result of a severe automobile collision that was not her fault, a close family friend referred us to Grant Law Office

In brief, Wayne Grant and Kim Grant were a God-send. They showed genuine concern and treated us, not just like another case, but with dignity and respect, always taking the time to listen to our concerns and answer our questions. They were supportive throughout some very emotional times and were always available. Although they showed kindness and understanding to us, they were tough on the other side and did not tolerate any attempts to undermine our case. It was an honor having been represented by them and I believe that they are two of the finest people and lawyers in Atlanta. Their sincerity and honesty is a credit to the law profession.

We would highly recommend Grant Law Office to anyone in need of serious legal help. If we were asked to rate them, we would give them five out of five stars!

Jenkinsburg, GA

Wayne and his partner, Kimberly, approached my case with the idea of ensuring that not only would my medical needs be met, but the future I had worked so hard to craft for myself would be protected and fulfilled. Even though I lived 2,000 miles away from Wayne and his practice, he called frequently and involved me in every step of the process. I'm aware that cases such as mine have been known to drag on for years. I endured 4 surgeries and had to retire from my beloved career as a school principal, but the settlement Wayne and Kimberly secured for me has enabled me to focus on my recovery and still live a meaningful and joyful life. I am deeply indebted to them.

Billings, MT

In 1999, Mr. Grant and Ms. Grant handled a most unfortunate situation for me, the wrongful death of my 47 year old husband. The process went smoothly and I was kept informed each step of the way. The case was settled very successfully, with professionalism and kindness/respect. It is clearly evident that this firm is outstanding in its legal knowledge and human capacity. As a client, I was confident that my best interests were fully protected.

Roswell, GA

My husband experienced a catastrophic injury while in surgery for a routine surgical procedure. This event changed our life immensely. Throughout the total ordeal, Wayne and Kim provided consistent legal advice and clearly communicated all aspects of our case to us in a timely manner. We received status updates on a regular basis via telephone, mail, and home visits. We were very confident in their ability to fully represent us and obtain accountability. Wayne and Kim became a part of our life transformation and provided exceptional legal consultation to help us achieve, under extreme circumstances, an acceptable quality of home and family life. We appreciated Wayne and Kim's thoughtfulness and commitment to ensure a successful conclusion to our case.

Fayetteville, GA

We first met Mr. Wayne Grant and Ms. Kimberly Grant two weeks before the filing deadline for potential claims of medical malpractice. Our adopted son had been devastated by what we suspected to be substandard in-hospital care. Everyone always considers their case to be unique. But for us to have a unique case and unique attorneys, how blessed is that? Based on the way we had been treated at the hands of one profession, placing our trust in another profession (legal) was a huge issue, but from day one with these wonderful people, our trust was never misplaced. They went well beyond using their legal expertise; in this case they also used their hearts. Their doors were always open for any questions or concerns we may have had. We were kept fully informed.

Last, but not least, their slogan should be "Promises Made, Promises Kept", and we say this because after all was said and done they kept the only promise that was made. That promise was that this special child would continue to be taken care of in the future. You can definitely believe what they say.

SM and SBM
Riverdale, GA

I think of you guys just about every day still and I guess I always will - somehow you gave me back my son - of course not in flesh but you acted on his behalf and spoke for him beyond his grave. I humbly thank God and you both for allowing me the knowledge that our son wanted to live, but that he didn't have a chance to live given the medications he was prescribed.

I am forever grateful to you both. I can't imagine any other law firm being able to put together a case and get it filed and in the right hands on such a short notice! We were down to the statute of limitations for our case to be filed - but you guys did it and presented our case with extreme care and sensitivity of our feelings. You also, somehow managed to put together the most beautiful video of our son's life and death for us. That is my treasure, safely kept, yet often seen. Thank you from the depths of my heart.

MM and GM
Alpharetta, GA

To anyone requesting legal counsel for personal injury or representation for anything that needs legal expertise, Wayne Grant and Kim Grant are attorneys you can trust. Very professional, caring, and will do everything they can to ensure you are treated with respect and dignity. We consider them dear friends that we recommend to anyone who needs legal expertise to help with their legal questions and concerns. We strongly recommend you retaining them for any legal issues that you are faced with. You will not find better attorneys who will do everything they can to see that you are treated fairly and compensated for your injuries. They are attorneys that give the legal profession a good name!

WP and LP
Wausau, WI

As clients of Grant Law Office  our case was handled in a very professional manner.  We were kept informed in all stages of the lawsuit, including the expectations and future directions.  Although Mr. and Mrs. Grant were the legal experts, our wishes and input were always sought and considered.   Most of all, the integrity of Mr. and Mrs. Grant was above reproach.  We applaud Grant Law Office for taking our case and successfully seeking justice for us.  We would certainly use them again if the need occurred. 

CK and BK
Fort Valley, GA

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