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Accidents can and do happen, and fortunately, most incidents result in negligible injuries or nothing at all. We generally attribute these minor affairs to bad luck or happenstance and go on our way. However, there are accidents which devastate the lives of the victims, whether physically, mentally, financially, or any combination of the three. Being no laughing matter, a serious accident shouldn't be disregarded without careful consideration of the circumstances. How did the accident occur? Was another party at fault? Who or what was the source? The answers to these questions are important and can help determine whether the victim should pursue a personal injury claim to recover damages.

The federal and state laws regarding personal injury are complex, making the claims process difficult to navigate. Without the help of an experienced Atlanta personal injury attorney, you may face trouble or even failure pursuing your particular claim. Get in touch with the accomplished legal team at Grant Law Office today to get the aggressive legal representation you need, including answers to personal injury case questions. Our number is (404) 995-3955. We will provide you with a free initial case review so you know your options before you decide whether to proceed.

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Who Is Liable in My Atlanta Personal Injury Claim?

As a rule, the person or company whose negligent or reckless actions led to the victim's injury is the liable party in a personal injury lawsuit. Here are some of the different types of personal injury cases along with the party that is usually liable in each case:

  • Assault or Battery: This is a case of intentional tort as opposed to negligence. The person who deliberately caused harm to the victim is the liable party.
  • Strict Liability: Under this doctrine, the defendant can be held liable without proof of fault. These are situations that are considered by the law to be inherently dangerous. For example, a dog owner can be held automatically liable for any harm their dog causes under strict liability since a dog is inherently a potentially dangerous animal.
  • Product Liability: Companies, whether they're involved in design, manufacturing, or distribution, are expected to provide consumers with safe, functional products. If they fail to do so, they can be held liable for any harm that results.

If a claimant wins his or her case, the liable party may be obligated to provide compensation that includes coverage of economic damages, such as medical expenses and property repair costs, and non-economic damages, such as pain and suffering or loss of consortium. Punitive damages may also be rewarded if the liable party's actions were blatantly dangerous.

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What Should I Do After I Have Been Injured?

If you want a better chance at a full and fair compensation for your injuries, it is highly advised that you adhere to the following guidelines in order to preserve the strength of your claim:

  • Receive medical attention as soon as possible
  • File a police report, if the situation warrants it
  • Have a physician evaluate your injuries
  • Retain evidence and documents relating to your injuries and the accident
  • Get contact information from witnesses, if any
  • Open a claim with the liable party's insurance company
  • Do not speak with the insurance adjuster before consulting with your attorney
  • Do not sign anything provided by the insurance company before consulting with your Georgia personal injury attorney

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What Is Modified Comparative Negligence?

In the state of Georgia, fault is accredited according to a legal concept called modified comparative negligence. Under this doctrine, a victim may recover damages only if he or she was less at fault for the incident than the liable party; if the victim's own negligent behavior contributed to the incident at all, he or she may only recover an amount that reflects the percentage of fault the liable party had in the incident.

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Atlanta Personal Injury Attorneys Helping Accident Victims Move On

The Atlanta personal injury lawyers at the Grant Law Office have helped struggling victims and their loved ones find the peace and justice they need to return to a life of relative normalcy. If you need legal guidance regarding your injury claim case, don't hesitate to contact us by calling (404) 995-3955.

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