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We are different than many law firms that widely advertise their handling of medical malpractice and wrongful death cases. Many firms advertise and represent that they handle cases of this nature when in fact the case will be referred to a lawyer outside the firm who will actually file and handle the case to conclusion. At our law firm, if we accept your case, we will personally handle your case from start to finish. We do not engage in the practice of "farming out" our cases to other lawyers in exchange for a portion of the fee ultimately generated. 

Our clients consistently compliment us on our aggressiveness in handling their cases while at the same time, keeping them fully informed and remaining accessible along the way. We will happily provide references from former clients upon request.

Listed below are some case results obtained by Atlanta personal injury lawyers at Grant Law Office:

$12.5 Million - Child death
$8 Million Recovery - Obstetrical Malpractice
$5 Million - Failure to treat
$5 Million – Medical malpractice, amputation injury
$3 Million - Failure to diagnose
$2.65 Million - Hospital malpractice - use of improperly sterilized tools
$2.2 Million - Hospital malpractice
$1.8 Million - Death, medical malpractice, failure to treat sepsis (infection)
$1.3 Million - Improper use of medical device
$1.275 Million - Legal malpractice, failure to properly handle a medical malpractice case
$1.25 Million - Medical malpractice
$1.2 Million - Pregnancy diagnosis
$1+ Million - Forklift injury
$1.15 Million - Forklift injury
$1 Million - Injuries, defective maintenance, unsafe premises
$1 Million - Recovery, medical malpractice – failure to diagnose heart attack
$950,000 – Recovery for nursing home death
$800,000 - Medical malpractice, failure to treat compartment syndrome resulting in permanent impairments and injury
$750,000 - Defective medical product injury
$650,000 - Medical malpractice, injury, misuse of medical equipment
$650,000 - Medical malpractice, failure to diagnose pulmonary embolism
$600,000 - Medical malpractice, failure to diagnose and treat hip fracture
$550,000 - Highway maintenance failure injury and death
$550,000 - Automobile accident injury
$400,000 - For burn injury caused by defective appliance, microwave oven
$275,000 - Defective medical product injury
$250,000 - Automobile injuries
$225,000 - Automobile injury
$200,000 - Failure to maintain premises
$250,000 - Failure to diagnose heart attack
$250,000 - Bus accident
$190,000 - Automobile accident death
$100,000 - Hospital fall
Confidential Settlement - Breach of promise
Confidential - Wrongful death
Confidential Settlement - Medical malpractice death
Confidential Settlement - Medical malpractice
Confidential Settlement - Pharmacy error
Confidential Settlement - Birth injury
Confidential Settlement - Orthopedic injury
Confidential Settlement - Failure to diagnose breast cancer
Confidential Settlement - Pharmacy error

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