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For both mother and child, the most vulnerable time in a pregnancy is during the birthing process. For this reason, physicians and hospital staff must accurately monitor the vital signs of the mother and baby throughout childbirth. They must be ready to intervene quickly if complications arise. Failure to do so can result in permanent injury and even death.

If you believe your child was injured or killed during childbirth because doctors did not perform an emergency C-section in time, you may have grounds for a medical malpractice claim. To find out more about your legal rights and options, call the Atlanta birth injury lawyers at Grant Law Office for a free case evaluation. Just dial (404) 995-3955 to speak with an experienced and compassionate husband & wife legal team.

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Reasons to Perform a C-section

Cesarean sections (C-sections) are increasingly common in the United States. A C-section involves making an incision in the mother’s abdomen and uterus, and removing the infant through that incision—as opposed to allowing vaginal birth. A doctor can choose to perform a C-section for a variety of reasons, including:

  • The mother has had difficult pregnancies in the past.
  • Signs of fetal distress; the baby is not getting enough oxygen.
  • The child has certain birth defects, like fluid on the brain or congenital heart disease. These can complicate a vaginal birth.
  • The mother has a chronic health condition - hypertension (high blood pressure), heart disease, and diabetes may make vaginal birth particularly hard on the mother. Also, if a mother has an infection, is HIV-positive, or has genital herpes, a C-section can prevent infection to the baby.
  • Prolapsed umbilical cord - if the umbilical cord exits the birth canal before the baby, pressure on the cord can cut off blood flow to the baby.
  • Cephalopelvic disproportion - when the mother’s pelvis is too small, or the baby’s head is too big, to allow a safe vaginal birth.
  • Placenta issues – sometimes the placenta covers the cervix, inhibiting vaginal birth (placenta previa). In other instances, the placenta separates from the uterine lining, causing a lack of oxygen to the baby (placental abruption).
  • Prolonged labor.
  • Abnormal positioning of the baby.
  • Mother carrying two or more babies.
  • Abnormal heart rate of mother or baby.

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What Are the Dangers of a Delayed C-section?

Ultimately, it is the obstetrician’s decision whether and when a cesarean section needs to be performed. But a delay in ordering the C-section can lead to a host of injuries to the infant, including:

  • Birth asphyxia or hypoxic-ischemic encephalopathy (HIE) - a lack of oxygen, resulting in brain damage or death.
  • Cerebral palsy – damage to the motor center of the brain, causing a wide range of movement disorders.
  • Multi-system organ failure – a lack of oxygen can start killing tissue and organs.
  • Brachial plexus injury – damage to the brachial plexus nerves from poor positioning in the womb can cause weakness and paralysis in an arm.

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Compensation Is Available for Medical Negligence

If a doctor fails to order a C-section in a timely manner, he has acted negligently, and the baby’s family will be left with lifelong expenses, such as:

  • Future surgeries and therapy
  • Special education costs
  • Costs of in-home care
  • A parent may have to quit a job to care for the child
  • Special equipment for the child’s care

In addition, there is the emotional toll such a birth injury can have on the child’s family.

If your child’s injury is the result of a hospital or physician’s negligence, you deserve to be compensated. But, medical malpractice claims can be complicated, and involve medical malpractice insurance companies.

To ensure that you get the compensation you and your family deserves, you’ll need the representation of an experienced medical malpractice lawyer. For more than three decades, Grant Law Office has been successfully representing Atlanta medical malpractice victims and their families. Call today for a free consultation at (404) 995-3955.

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