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Injured Due to Inadequate or Negligent Security in Atlanta?

Grant Law Office is dedicated to helping others. Our legal team joined this profession because we wanted to assist others in getting the justice they deserve. If you or a loved one have been injured due to inadequate security, reach out to our Atlanta negligent security attorneys at (404) 995-3955. We want to help you stand up for what’s right.

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When Poor Planning and Carelessness Hurts Residents and Guests in Atlanta

Without proper security, you can be left at risk for injury and trauma that may last for years to come. When you’re out shopping, parking your car, or relaxing in your own apartment, you expect a certain level of safety. Unfortunately, those expectations are not always met, and you may be left traumatized due to a property owner who cut corners. Failing to protect guests and residents can be especially dangerous depending on what neighborhood you live in Atlanta and the local crime rate.

The Atlanta premises liability attorneys at Grant Law Office relentlessly advocate on behalf of victims of careless property owners. We have seen firsthand how devastating it can be to lose the ability to feel safe, especially in your own home. If you or a loved one have been injured due to negligent security, call our firm at (404) 995-3955 to discuss your case.

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What Are Some Common Types of Security Negligence?

Expecting to be safe when you are a resident, visitor, or patron on someone else’s property is incredibly reasonable. After all, if you don’t feel safe at a gas station or in an apartment, you simply don’t go. Unfortunately, even areas that seem safe on the surface may have faulty security measures. If you were the victim of an assault, the cause may not simply be your attacker, but the negligent security measures, which can include:

  • Inadequate emergency exits
  • Lack of proper lighting in parking lots or stairwells
  • Improperly trained guards
  • Lack of security cameras or alarms
  • Unlocked gates, windows, and doors
  • Inadequate emergency exits

Bad or negligent security can leave your life in shambles. It may lead to severe injuries, lifelong trauma, and expensive property damage. While some property owners decide to save some money by cutting corners, you may end up paying the price for their negligence.

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What Are the Consequences of Poor Security?

Poor planning opens the door to catastrophic injuries, violent assaults, and emotional trauma. It can be hard to ever feel safe again after being attacked, mugged, or having your property vandalized. Going out and enjoying the local mall or even just walking down the street to a friend’s apartment may become so emotionally taxing. Your day to day enjoyment in life could completely disappear.

Unfortunately, on top of those stresses, you may also have to deal with the financial fallout of negligent security. Injuries need to be treated and damaged property needs to be fixed or replaced, so you’re likely looking at a large expense. If you need time to recover from your wounds then you’ll have to miss work and potentially lose out on wages, which will make it even harder to pay for your medical bills and replaced property.

Even if the criminal that caused you so much pain is caught and tried, that doesn’t mean all the responsible parties have been held accountable for what happened to you. The criminal is only one piece of the equation.

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Who Can Be Held Liable?

The owner of the property is the most likely to be liable in the case of negligent security. A property owner, which includes the owner of a business, parking lots, or apartment buildings, is responsible for keeping their guests and patrons reasonably safe at all times under the concept of premises liability. However, when filing a claim, you must be able to prove some key factors in order to win your case. These include:

  • You were legally on the property (not trespassing)
  • Your injuries happened while you were on the property and were caused by a third-party
  • The property owner should have known about the potential risks
  • The property owner then neglected to take these risks into consideration and execute proper security
  • You would have not gotten your injuries if the correct safety measures had been used

Proving all of these factors can be difficult for those who don’t know how to run a proper investigation. You should never go into a claim without a strong legal team at your side who are willing and able to fight for your right to proper compensation.

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