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Electrical accidents can result in very serious or fatal injuries and occur more often than most people know. If you or someone you love was involved in an electrocution accident and was injured on a construction site in Atlanta, the road to recovery is often long and challenging. At Grant Law Office in Atlanta, we are advocates for the injured in a range of construction accidents, including electrocution cases. Call (404) 995-3955 to discuss your claim.

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What Industry Has the Highest Number of Electrocution Accidents?

The Center for Construction Research and Training (CPWR) reports that electrocution is a leading cause of fatalities in the construction industry. Power line installers had the highest rate of deaths in the industry. The construction industry continues to be the most dangerous profession in which to make a living, with fatal accidents from electrocution for electrical contractors exceeding the numbers of deaths of any other sector of the construction industry. The Electrical Safety Foundation International (ESFI) reports on electrical injuries. The most recently released data reveals the staggering numbers of injuries and deaths:

  • Nonfatal injuries: 2,220
  • Fatal injuries: 126

Contact with or exposure to electrical current led to 2.6% of the fatalities. The mining industry has the highest rate of electrical accidents, with the construction industry a close second. The most recent year reveals that 5.3% of all electrical accidents cause fatal injuries.

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What Work Errors Can Lead to Electrocutions?

The construction industry is booming in Atlanta, with countless ongoing projects in the city and surrounding communities. In most cases, a great deal of pressure to complete a project on time can lead to work errors that endanger electrical contractors. As reported by OSHA, the most common errors that have led to an electrocution accident include:

  • Contact with overhead power lines
  • Failure to properly de-energize electrical equipment
  • Electrical components mistakenly believed to be de-energized due to wiring errors or wrongly identified wiring.
  • Contact with underground power lines
  • Contact with temporary wiring systems on the site
  • Contact with the electrical current in a work tool, equipment, appliance, or lighting fixture.
  • Contact with wiring, transformers, or other components in an electrical system.

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Types of Injuries: Electrocution Cases in Atlanta

When a powerful electrical current passes through the human body, it can cause serious soft tissue burns, along with internal injuries such as organ damage. Powerful electrical currents can trigger extreme muscle spasms, so powerful that the worker is unable to release themselves from the current and may sustain serious injuries to the bones and joints. When the body is subjected to the extreme heat generated by electrical energy, the burns sustained can be disfiguring, lead to mobility problems, and often result in permanent impairments.

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Workers Compensation and Electrocution Accidents

When working on a construction site in Atlanta, electrical workers are typically covered by workers’ compensation. This state-run system protects both the employer and the employee. An injured electrical worker should expect to be treated fairly under this system but may have a claim delayed or denied. The electrician is often hospitalized and unable to work, in dire need of the compensation available through the system.

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Third Party Claims – Who is Liable?

In some cases, after an investigation into what occurred, it is discovered that a third party, such as the property owner, another contractor, or an employee of Georgia Power acted in a negligent manner, causing the electrocution accident. In these cases, a third party claim can be filed so a jury decides on the amount of compensation due to the injured or their families.

When Grant Law represents a victim or the close family in an Atlanta electrocution accident case, their clients trust them to be professional, thorough, and to employ strategical thought and planning. The firm takes on a limited number of cases to allow for enough time to pour all their resources into pursuing fair compensation.

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