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Stokes are the third biggest killer in the United States, resulting in approximately 150,000 deaths each year and severely injuring several hundred thousand people. Fortunately, many strokes are treatable if the stroke is diagnosed early enough. Unfortunately, many physicians and other medical professionals fail to detect and treat strokes in a timely manner. This failure can result in permanent injury or death to the stroke victim.

If you or a family member has suffered due to delayed diagnosis or treatment for a stroke, you may be eligible for significant compensation for your losses. To find out more about filing a medical malpractice claim in Atlanta, contact the seasoned legal team at Grant Law Office. Call (404) 995-3955 for a free case evaluation.

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Medical Malpractice Verdicts and Settlements

  • Confidential Settlement (Seven Figures) - Failure to diagnose and treat stroke victim

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Types of Stroke

There are two main categories of stroke: ischemic and hemorrhagic. Ischemic stroke is, by far, the most common type of stroke, accounting for 87% of all strokes that occur. Ischemic stroke occurs when a blood vessel (almost always an artery) that carries blood to the brain becomes blocked. The brain gets oxygen and vital nutrients through blood. When blood flow to the brain is cut off, brain tissue begins to die. Hemorrhagic stroke accounts for only 13% of all strokes, but is much more deadly. Hemorrhagic stroke occurs when a blood vessel ruptures or begins to leak inside of the brain, damaging brain tissue and also depriving the brain of oxygen.

Ischemic strokes are divided into two subcategories: thrombotic and embolic. Thrombotic strokes are the result of blood clots that develop in blood vessels inside of the brain; embolic strokes are caused by blood clots or plaque that develops in another part of the body, then travels to the brain.

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Medical Malpractice Cases Involving Strokes

Here are the main ways a medical professional may be found negligent in a medical malpractice claim involving a stroke:

  • Misdiagnosis or failure to diagnose: This occurs when a patient complains of, or exhibits, symptoms of a stroke, but a medical professional doesn’t recognize it as a stroke or diagnoses it as another ailment. For instance, a patient goes to an emergency room, complaining of a headache and disorientation, and exhibiting cold-like symptoms and slurred speech (all symptoms of a stroke). The attending physician does not order tests that would indicate a stroke, and instead diagnoses the patient as having a sinus infection. The patient is given ibuprofen and an antihistamine and sent home. Later that evening, the patient suffers a severe stroke, paralyzing him permanently. In this case, the attending physician should have recognized the patient’s symptoms as stroke-like, and ordered the proper tests to rule out the possibility of stroke before diagnosing him. In many cases, simply asking a patient if they have a family history of strokes would be enough to prompt a doctor to order the appropriate tests.
  • Delayed diagnosis: This occurs when a physician does recognize the symptoms of a stroke, but not until significant time has passed, and the stroke has already caused irreversible damage to the patient.
  • Failure to treat: In this case, the physician diagnosed the patient as having a stroke, but did not order the proper treatment, such as administering an anticoagulant.
  • Delay of treatment: As with delayed diagnosis, correct treatment was administered, but not until the patient had already suffered significant injury.

If you feel you or a loved one has been the victim of medical negligence, you need to speak to an experienced medical malpractice lawyer. Grant Law Office has been successfully representing Georgia medical malpractice victims for over three decades. We will put our exceptional skills and knowledge behind your claim and work to get you the compensation you and your family deserve. Call (404) 995-3955 for a free consultation.

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