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Legal Representation for Atlanta Victims Left With Hemiplegia or Quadriplegia

Have you recently lost mobility or function in one or more of your limbs? Paralysis can seriously impact your job, your family, and your overall quality of life. Was this condition caused by another individual's negligent behavior? If so, you may be able to take legal action against the at-fault party.

To learn more about your rights, contact the Atlanta spinal cord injury attorneys at Grant Law Office today. We have helped many people to obtain the maximum amount of compensation available for their injuries. With the passage of time, memories fade, witnesses become unavailable, and evidence may be destroyed or lost. The sooner you contact us, the better. Call (404) 995-3955 and let us review your options in a comprehensive, no-cost consultation.

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What Are the Most Common Causes of Paralysis?

Grant Law Office has handled many paralysis injury claims over the years. We have seen them result from:

If you or a loved one suffered an injury that resulted in paralysis, you may be able to pursue financial damages from the at-fault party.

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When Is Someone Else Responsible for a Paralyzing Accident?

Who holds responsibility in a given case depends on the circumstances. Often, there are multiple parties who share responsibility for an injury caused by negligence. It is our job to investigate and determine the identities of the responsible parties and to hold them accountable. Negligence can range from a doctor's failure to consider and treat a limb-threatening condition to a driver's disregard for posted speed limits or stop signs.

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Common Forms of Paralysis

Hemiplegia is a type of spinal cord injury that results in a person suffering from paralysis on one side of his/her body. The spinal damage may include injuries to the discs, ligaments, nerves, and vertebrae in and around the spine. Here are the common signs of hemiplegia:

  • Lost sensation in one side of the body
  • Issues with motor control functions
  • Muscle spasms
  • Lost control of bowels or bladder

Generally speaking, the nerves passing through the neck, head, and spine are especially delicate features of our anatomy. This is unfortunate, as they also regulate almost every other major function of our body. Quadriplegia occurs after the neck has suffered a significant blow, effectively severing the nerves and rending everything from the neck down paralyzed.

Learning to cope with paralysis can be difficult. People suffering from hemiplegia and quadriplegia also face serious long-term medical care and a series of painful treatments. If you are contemplating these, or have any questions concerning an injury caused by another individual's negligence, it is time to seek legal counsel.

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What Is the Cost of Being Paralyzed?

According to the Centers for Disease Control (CDC), the costs of hemiplegia treatments can add up to hundreds of thousands of dollars over a person's lifetime, and quadriplegia costs even more. This financial outlook considers the cost of treatments and long-term care, along with any in-home care or home and vehicle modifications necessary. Needless to say, many people are unable to afford these costs out of pocket.

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What Damages Can You Receive in a Paralysis Claim?

While there is no undoing the terrible damage that has been done to you and your family, a successful Atlanta personal injury claim can help you overcome the immediate financial hurdles that almost always accompany paralysis. In addition, a proper settlement can help you plan for the future and properly adjust in relative peace.

Here are the damages we commonly seek after an accident:

  • Emergency room transportation and treatment
  • Extensive physician and specialist care
  • Long-term rehabilitation and therapy
  • Home and vehicle modifications (such as wheelchair ramps and lifts)
  • Lost current and future wages from missing work
  • Lost future earning capacity
  • Lost quality of life
  • Pain and suffering

For decades, Grant Law Office has helped severely injured individuals obtain the justice they deserve. Let us help you.

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When Should I Contact a Lawyer?

As soon as possible. Keep in mind, in the state of Georgia, you have a limited amount of time in which to file your claim—usually, two years. This is commonly known as a statute of limitations. Failing to meet the deadline can mean a forfeiture of your rights. Don't let this happen to you or your family. Some types of lawsuits, such as those that involve claims against a city, county, state, or other governmental entity, may have even shorter deadlines.

When it comes to paralysis, you need a law firm that has experience with catastrophic injury claims. You deserve a law firm that will fight for you to obtain a full financial recovery. For the past 30 years, the husband-and-wife team at Grant Law Office has successfully represented paralysis victims, and we can do the same for you. Contact a top Atlanta personal injury lawyer to set up a free consultation at (404) 995-3955.

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Recent Paralysis Verdicts and Settlements

  • $2.2 Million - Hospital malpractice resulting in paralysis.

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