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pedestrian signOf all the parties that use Georgia’s roadways, pedestrians are, by far, the most vulnerable. This is because pedestrians have no protection in a collision with a vehicle. Even a low-speed impact from a motorcycle or bicycle can cause serious injuries. The results of a pedestrian accident are usually devastating, drastically changing a person's life on physical, emotional, and financial levels. Although the road to recovery is a challenging one, compensation from the negligent party that caused the accident can help the victim, and his or her family, recover.

If your family member has been injured or killed in a pedestrian accident, you need the representation of an experienced attorney. For over 30 years, Grant Law Office has been successfully representing Atlanta-area injury victims, winning them substantial verdicts and settlements. Call us today for a free consultation at (404) 995-3955.

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Pedestrian Law in Georgia

Pedestrians are particularly vulnerable when in a crosswalk. For this reason, the state of Georgia has passed strict statutes for vehicles. According to O.C.G.A. (Official Code of Georgia Annotated) 40-6-91: the "driver of a vehicle shall stop and remain stopped to allow a pedestrian to cross the roadway within a crosswalk" when the pedestrian is approaching or on the roadway that the vehicle is traveling. And pedestrians have a responsibility to exercise common sense when traversing crosswalks; they should not "leave a curb or other place of safety" and step into the path of a vehicle so suddenly that it is nearly impossible for the driver to avoid them.

Bicyclists, on the other hand, should not be riding in crosswalks at all. Children on bicycles are allowed to use sidewalks; however, they have to dismount before traversing a crosswalk, and walk their bicycles across the street. Not only does bicycling down crosswalks put pedestrians at risk, but it also puts the bicyclist at risk since turning vehicles may not see the bicycle coming.

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Driver's Duty of Care at Crosswalks

When approaching a crosswalk, motorists have a duty of care to follow the rules of the road and look out for any pedestrians, joggers, and bicyclists before crossing. Failing to do so is an act of negligence. Forms of driver negligence that commonly cause crosswalk or intersection accidents include:

When children are present, a driver's duty of care is enhanced. Motorists who negligently cause accidents at common play areas, such as parks and schools, may be subjected to stiffer fines and other civil penalties.

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Compensation for Your Injuries

Pedestrians hit by motor vehicles generally sustain severe injuries that take a long time to recover from. If you or a loved one has been injured by a vehicle, you may be entitled to compensation for the following damages:

  • Current and future medical bills
  • Pain and suffering
  • Permanent injury or disability
  • Lost wages
  • Loss of career or earning capacity
  • Loss of a limb
  • Scarring and disfigurement
  • Hedonic damages for loss of joy of life
  • Wrongful death damages if you lost a loved one
  • And more

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Statute of Limitations

If you've been injured as a pedestrian in Atlanta, Georgia law limits the time you have to file a lawsuit in court. The deadline is two years from the date of your injury. But since a variety of factors can change that deadline, it's important to speak to a lawyer about your specific case.

The two-year deadline applies to civil personal injury cases filed in a court. It doesn't apply to a claim you might file with an insurance company, which has its own deadlines. However, if your insurance claim is made well within the two-year window for filing a lawsuit, you'll still have the option of going to court if insurance settlement negotiations fall through. Consequently, it's best to speak to an attorney as soon as you can after a pedestrian injury.

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Quality Representation in Georgia

At Grant Law Office, we have garnered a stellar reputation for success over decades of practice, yet we refuse to rest on our laurels. Each and every day, we devote ourselves to improving our skills and keeping up with the latest developments in the legal world. And we do this in order to get people, like you, the justice they deserve. For more information, contact our Atlanta pedestrian injury attorneys today at (404) 995-3955 for a free case evaluation.

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