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Meet the 2020 Best Foot Forward Winner!

By Grant Law Office on May 26, 2020

It was less than two weeks ago that we announced the finalists to our 2020 Best Foot Forward Scholarship. Time really does fly! The incredible youthful men and women we selected were all in consideration to win a $1,000 scholarship to help them with their future endeavors. Choosing just one of our finalists to win the scholarship was a difficult process that involved several re-reads of essays and intense debates. But we at Grant Law Office are finally ready to announce our winner.

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Best Foot Forward 2020 Scholarship Finalists Announced!

By Grant Law Office on May 13, 2020

We at the Grant Law Office have spent the last few weeks poring over all of the extraordinary applications sent to us for the Best Foot Forward 2020 Scholarship since the application period closed on April 22nd, 2020. We were hoping to find out what got Georgia high school seniors and college students excited. What gets the Georgian youth out of bed every morning? With an incredible 341 applications sent to our firm, we think we’ve got a pretty good idea now!

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Best Foot Forward 2020 Scholarship Finalists to Be Announced at a Later Date

By Grant Law Office on May 6, 2020

We are sad to say that the Best Foot Forward 2020 Scholarship finalists announcement has been postponed. While we originally intended to reveal our batch of finalists on May 6th, we have made the difficult choice to push the decision back until May 13th. This is a hectic time for us, as we are sure it is for all of you.

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Never Heard of A “Never Event”?

By Grant Law Office on April 29, 2020

You may be aware that medical practitioners don’t always live up to our expectations and that they make life-threatening mistakes. When these mistakes are egregious and horrific, they are often referred to as “never events.”

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Posted in: Medical Malpractice

What to Do When You Get Hit With “Bad Faith” Insurance

By Grant Law Office on April 15, 2020

You are involved in a car accident, but you have insurance, so there’s nothing to worry about, right? Unfortunately, that might not be true: you could become a victim of “bad faith” insurance and have your claim unreasonably denied, delayed, or reduced. Insurance companies are experts at finding loopholes in their own policies and discovering new ways to justify denying, delaying, or reducing your claim.

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When It’s More Than Just a Fall

By Grant Law Office on April 1, 2020

A slip and fall accident can be embarrassing and painful – but there is the potential for a far worse outcome. A slip and fall can lead to serious or fatal injuries, particularly when the brain or spinal cord has been damaged. Falls can occur in the workplace, on a city sidewalk, in a retail setting, a concert venue, a nursing home, or virtually any location if the conditions are right.

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Posted in: Premises Liability

Why You Should Know What an MDR Is

By Grant Law Office on March 18, 2020

“MDR” has two different meanings, both of which have some significance in the field of healthcare. The following is an explanation of both definitions of MDR.

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The Faces of Misdiagnosis

By Grant Law Office on March 4, 2020

Medical misdiagnosis is a real problem in the USA. A total of $4,031,987,700 was paid out in 2018 for medical malpractice claims, as stated by LeverageRx (with $151,932,000 in Georgia alone). As categorized according to malpractice allegation, the largest portion of that astronomical nationwide sum (34.1%) was paid out for medical malpractice involving a misdiagnosis. In the previous year, diagnosis errors also accounted for the largest portion (34%) of the $3,925,073,250 medical malpractice payout total, as reported by Diederich Healthcare.

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The Ins and Outs of Shoulder Dystocia

By Grant Law Office on February 23, 2020

Shoulder dystocia is a complication of birth. It can cause problems for the mother and serious, permanent injury to the baby. Shoulder dystocia requires immediate medical attention. The longer the delay before the medical team responds effectively, the more serious complications can be.

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Posted in: Medical Malpractice

Crush Injuries Create Risk of Compartment Syndrome

By Grant Law Office on February 13, 2020

When excessive force is applied to the body, crush injuries can occur. This can happen in car accidents, construction cave-ins, and various types of accidents and injuries. Crush injuries can have many complications and may be associated with internal organ rupture, major bone fractures, and hemorrhagic shock. Among the most serious potential complications of crush injuries is compartment syndrome.

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