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How Loss of Consortium Works in Georgia

By Grant Law Office on May 20, 2023

Man sits on a rock by the ocean with his heads on his head looking stressed.

Loss of consortium can have a profound impact on a personal injury claim. It encompasses how a spouse’s physical injuries impacted the marriage, including the loss of love, companionship, and comfort. Only the spouse can bring this kind of claim to court. To increase your chances of recovering fair compensation, ensure you have an experienced Atlanta personal injury lawyer on your side.

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The Emotional Impact of Preventable Assault and Sexual Assault: How Grant Law Office Can Help

By Grant Law Office on May 10, 2023

Shot of a young woman experiencing mental illness against a black background

When someone becomes the victim of a sexual assault, it can be a life-changing event that can leave them feeling scared, vulnerable, and overwhelmed. Victims of these crimes can react in different ways, from blaming themselves to experiencing denial. At Grant Law Office, our Atlanta personal injury lawyers understand the emotional impact of these types of crimes and have been helping victims and their families for decades. We are here to help you when this type of tragedy strikes.

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Golf Course-Related Injury Risks

By Grant Law Office on April 30, 2023

Man about to swing golf club on a golf course

Enjoying a day playing golf is a favorite pastime for many residents and visitors to the Atlanta area. Unfortunately, a pleasurable day playing golf can turn into a nightmare under the right circumstances. Golf is not traditionally considered a dangerous sport, but injury accidents can happen, even on the most beautiful, famous, or well-managed courses.

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Signs of Electrocution in Water

By Grant Law Office on January 10, 2023

woman relaxing in pool

Electricity in water poses a deadly and severe danger to everyone who comes in contact with that electric-charged water body. While some instances of electrocution are accidental, other instances of electrocution occur when poorly maintained or faulty equipment releases an electrical current into the water, entering people’s bodies. This can cause drowning by paralyzing the muscles of the body. Read on to learn more about electrocution in water and some of its signs.

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How an Electric Shock Can Damage Your Heart

By Grant Law Office on December 10, 2022

model of the human heart

High-voltage electric shocks can cause long-term damage to the body and potentially cause death. The damage caused by the shock can range from minor burns to severe tissue damage and can even cause organs to fail. In some cases, the damage caused by a high-voltage electric shock can be permanent, leading to a lifetime of pain and suffering.

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What Should I Do If I Was Hurt in a Forklift Accident at Work?

By Grant Law Office on June 15, 2022

yellow forklift picking up packages

Forklifts, also known as powered industrial trucks, lift trucks, fork hoists, or fork trucks, are a vital piece of machinery in most warehouses and yards.

While vital, forklifts are also dangerous and can easily cause injury to their operators or bystanders. If you have been injured in a forklift accident you may have grounds for a civil lawsuit.

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The Importance of Monitoring Blood While Using Coumadin (Warfarin)

By Grant Law Office on May 30, 2022

doctor with a needle and vial of medicine

Coumadin is a very effective medication that can treat many conditions, but it does bring with it some side effects that can be very serious if patients taking it are not observed carefully. You will want to be sure that you or a loved one who is taking this medication is monitoring their dosage carefully as well as paying attention to early signs that there might be issues with your prescription. Doctors owe patients on Coumadin or Warfarin an extra duty of care to monitor their health while they are taking this medication on a regular basis

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Evaluating Long-Term Car Accident Injuries in Atlanta

By Grant Law Office on January 3, 2022

A female physician treating a male patient's arm injury by dressing it.

The impact of a car crash can cause a wide variety of injuries, ranging from mild to fatal. Even with prompt medical treatment, some injuries can have long-term effects on car accident victims. This is why it is important to consider future losses in seeking compensation from responsible parties.

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Spotting Infections Caused by Road Rash

By Grant Law Office on May 17, 2021

biker driving down two-lane road

Road rash is a painful but common injury in motorcycle and bicycle accidents, occurring when a rider falls and slides across pavement or dirt. Even with protective gear, the skin can be scraped off, leaving the area raw, red, inflamed, and bleeding. As road rash breaks the protective barrier of the skin, it can also turn into a serious, or even life-threatening, infection.

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How to Spot Internal Bleeding

By Grant Law Office on March 17, 2021

person suffering from internal injuries

After an accident, you may be mostly concerned with your obvious, external injuries. That’s understandable, as a nasty cut or broken bone is enough to make anyone panic. However, the real danger may lie in a wound that is practically invisible: internal bleeding.

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