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If You Were Hurt in an Atlanta Brake Malfunction Crash, You May Have a Legal Claim

If a sudden brake malfunction caused you to crash, sending you to the hospital with life-altering injuries, it is essential that you contact a lawyer. Regardless if you were a driver, passenger, or even a pedestrian, this is a complicated auto product liability case that needs professional handling.

Despite a number of high-profile cases in recent years where automotive manufacturers capitulated and paid out enormous settlements, proving a brake malfunction case is difficult to do. Automakers, parts manufacturers, and their in-house mechanics are often shielded by a wall of claims adjusters, legal mercenaries, and deep pockets.

The Atlanta auto product liability lawyers at Grant Law Office understand the burden that is placed on the victim of a brake malfunction. We know how to effectively make a case in your favor, no matter the odds. Before speaking with an insurance agency or auto company representative, call our Atlanta personal injury team. You may be entitled to significant compensation. Dial (404) 995-3955 to discuss your options in a free consultation.

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Why Is Brake Failure So Serious?

Brake failure is the worst type of product defect. If a vehicle cannot stop, it will be stopped by another obstacle—like another car, a telephone or street pole, or a building. The injuries caused by brake failure can be devastating. After a T-bone, rear-end, or head-on collision, the victims can be left with shattered bones, crush injuries, broken spinal columns, brain damage, and ruptured organs with internal bleeding. Our Atlanta lawyers at Grant Law Office understand the hospital jargon as well as the technical details of the engineering failure. We are uniquely equipped to take on these serious injury cases.

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Who Is Responsible for Faulty Brakes?

Ultimately, we need to determine where in the chain of events your brakes, or the brakes of another vehicle, became unstable. That will tell us who is responsible for their failure. This can be a complex and time-consuming investigation, which your Atlanta brake failure lawyer should begin as soon as possible after your accident.

It is likely the responsible party will be:

The brake manufacturer: Prior to being installed in your vehicle, or the vehicle that caused your accident, a designated manufacturer supplied brakes to your automaker. If in the course of creating these, whether due to defective material or poor craftsmanship, the brakes were sent out faulty, the responsibility could fall on the original manufacturer.

The automaker: In many cases, the manufacturer and automaker are one in the same, but for the sake of designation we will separate them. With the most recent lawsuits involving Toyota and General Motors, braking mechanisms were installed improperly, resulting in their potential failure in thousands of vehicles. Human error or miscalculation in the production line can lead to this kind of recall and potential catastrophe.

Mechanic or owner/operator: In many cases, the responsibility for a catastrophic brake failure falls upon the individual who maintains the vehicle. This can vary, from your local mechanic to the owner of the 18-wheeler passing by. Devoid of proper maintenance and basic automotive upkeep, braking mechanisms can eventually become a severe hazard on the road.

It could be that more than one party is to blame – an option our husband and wife legal team will explore if we take your case.

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When Should I Contact a Brake Failure Attorney in Atlanta?

If you suspect that you, or a loved one, were injured in an accident as a result of faulty brakes, you should speak with an Atlanta personal injury lawyer as soon as possible. Attorneys Wayne and Kimberly Grant can help you navigate the increasingly complex litigation surrounding brake failure and avoid the pitfalls that come with dealing directly with the insurance agents. Our experienced litigators at Grant Law Office can help determine the validity of your case and next steps in any potential lawsuit. Call (404) 995-3955 for your free initial consultation.

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