Common Causes For Atlanta Burn Injuries

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People suffer burn injury in the state of Georgia every day. Suffering a burn injury is a traumatic and painful experience. Even minor burns can produce long lasting excruciating pain. Victims of serious burns suffer greatly, and often have to undergo extensive care. In some cases, extended hospitalization is required, and skin grafting may be a necessary procedure. Sometimes amending the burn isn’t entirely possible, and serious permanent scarring, amputation, or paralysis may result. Aside from the physical injuries, burn victims also suffer emotional scarring and mental trauma. Self-esteem, self-consciousness and embarrassment occur often.

Burns have many causes. Negligent operation of machinery, negligently caused vehicle collisions and faulty machinery are common causes of burns. Not all burns are the result of fire, however. Burns can also be attributed to electrocution, chemicals, road rash, extreme friction, and proximity to extreme heat. And, though it’s not supposed to ever happen, burns can occur in a hospital or other healthcare facility.

Who may be responsible for causing burn injuries? If some sort of faulty machinery or tool causes a burn, the manufacturer may be at fault. Likewise, burns suffered in vehicles could be attributable to a problem with the manufacturing or maintenance of the vehicle. In cases like these, the manufacturer, owner, or other party in charge of the vehicle’s maintenance may be held legally responsible.

Burn injuries may also be the responsibility of a negligent driver whose conduct causes a crash. Sometimes a power company may be responsible for faulty electrical equipment that causes a burn, such as a downed power line. Burns caused by structural fires may be the fault of improper upkeep, maintenance, or construction of a building. In these cases, it is likely the owner, proprietor, or contractor in charge of the building that is held responsible. For example, an apartment complex may be responsible where a resident is burned as the result of an exploding hot water heater, improper wiring, or faulty construction.

The impact of serious burns is always significant. The physical and emotional harm that a burn victim suffers is huge. Financial stress can also impact the lives of burn victims. If you, or a loved one, has suffered a serious burn, you may be entitled to monetary compensation. Executing a lawsuit like this always requires the help of a qualified Atlanta burn injury attorney. If you have any questions about burn injuries and legal action, please call us at (866) 249-5513 or (404) 995-3955.


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