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Get a Mani-Pedi, Lose a Digit

By Grant Law Office on September 13, 2018

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Many people think getting a pedicure is a way to treat, or pamper, one’s self. This may be true, but manicures and pedicures apparently come with certain health risks.

For instance, a California woman suffered a cut to her foot during a pedicure. The cut appeared to be minor, but a severe infection set in immediately. The woman went to the hospital on the day the injury occurred, but physicians were unable to cure the infection. One week later, doctors had no choice but to amputate her little toe. Post-surgery, the woman claimed her balance was impaired, she was unable to walk up stairs, and the missing digit affected her ability to wear certain types of shoes. She sued the salon where the injury occurred for medical expenses, mental anguish, and emotional distress.

In a more recent case, an Arizona woman suffered an infected cut while getting a manicure. When her finger started swelling, she went to an urgent care facility and was prescribed antibiotics. But, the infection was stubborn, and the woman is now facing the possible loss of a finger.

Another injury commonly related to pedicures is infection with hepatitis B and C. This is generally due to salons failing to properly sterilize their instruments. Both hepatitis B and C can develop into cirrhosis of the liver and liver cancer.

Risky Cosmetic Procedures

Manicures and pedicures aren’t the only salon or spa-related procedures that have health risks.

A person can get blood infections and hepatitis from a barber shop or beauty salon if razors, clippers, and scissors aren’t sufficiently sterilized.

Waxing can cause burns and rashes, and also spread sexually transmitted diseases, like chlamydia and gonorrhea.

Hot tubs and wellness pools are breeding grounds for bacteria that can cause gastrointestinal maladies, like diarrhea; and in certain cases, result in a deadly form of pneumonia called Legionnaires’ disease.

Tanning beds are known to increase a person’s risk of skin cancer, but they can also lead to staph infections if not properly sterilized. Staph bacteria can live for 24 hours on the surface of a tanning bed.

You Have a Right to Compensation

If you’ve been injured or suffered illness due to the negligence of a salon, spa, or any other business, you have the right to be compensated for your damages. But in a claim against a negligent business owner, you will most likely be dealing with that business-owner’s insurance company.

Though you could be eligible for lost wages, medical bills, pain and suffering, loss of a limb, and much more, their insurance company is not concerned about your future and well-being. To get the compensation that is truly worthy of your losses, it is vital that you have an Atlanta limb loss attorney.

Grant Law Office has been helping Georgia residents recover for over 30 years, and we will put our skills and experience to work on your claim. For a free case evaluation, call (404) 995-3955.

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