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Medians are barriers designed to separate opposing lanes of traffic. When a vehicle crosses over the median, it often leads to a deadly collision with oncoming traffic. A violent head-on or T-bone collision at highway speeds can cause catastrophic or fatal injuries. Severe head trauma and chest injuries are common injuries sustained in Atlanta median crossover accidents.

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How Do Median Crossover Accidents Happen?

Most median crossover wrecks are due to driver error or negligence. Common causes include:

  • Driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs: In some cases, impaired drivers may not even be aware they have crossed over the median.
  • Distracted driving: In this age of technology, driver distraction is a leading factor in many types of crashes.
  • Speeding: It is easier for drivers traveling at high speeds to lose control of the vehicle. Speeding can also increase the impact of the crash and the severity of injuries.
  • Drowsy driving: A driver who falls asleep at the wheel can cross the median into oncoming traffic.
  • Blowouts: When a tire blows out suddenly, it can cause the driver to lose control and crash through a median barrier.

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What Types of Medians Are on Atlanta Roads and Highways?

Different types of median barriers are used to separate opposing lanes of traffic and help prevent crossover accidents. Highway engineers consider various factors in determining which type of median to install, including speed and volume of traffic, slope and width of the median, alignment of the roadway, the number of lanes, and the expense involved. Some of the types of median barriers include:

  • Concrete barriers: These are the most rigid median barriers, often used on interstates with high volumes of traffic and where semi tractor-trailers travel. They are the type of barrier least likely to be breached.
  • Steel guardrail barriers: Steel guardrails are metal railings that can direct a vehicle away from oncoming traffic but absorb more energy than concrete barriers. Because they are less rigid, however, they are less likely to stop commercial trucks or vehicles traveling at excessive speeds.
  • Cable barriers: Series of steel cables connected by posts are often used as median barriers. This type of barrier absorbs the most energy to minimize the impact of a crash on vehicles and passengers, but it can be breached more easily by large trucks or fast moving vehicles.

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What Types of Injuries Do Median Crossover Collisions Cause?

Crossover accidents are likely to occur as head-on crashes or side impact collisions. They can cause severe injuries that could result in death. This type of crash can also cause extensive damage to vehicles. In a side impact collision, the vehicle is often crushed – a dangerous situation for vehicle occupants. Drivers and passengers may be propelled forward with the violent impact of the crash. They may be ejected from the vehicle or sustain serious head or spinal injuries.

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Does Negligence Play a Role in Median Crossover Crashes?

Drivers who cross over the median can cause serious or fatal injuries to others, as well as to themselves. Negligence often plays a significant role in this type of crash. For example, a truck driver who violates hours of service regulations and drives fatigued could fall asleep at the wheel, cross over the median, and cause a deadly, multi-vehicle pileup. A driver who is texting while driving and loses control of the vehicle may also be found negligent and liable for a resulting median crossover accident.

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