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Injured in an Atlanta Speeding Car Accident?

When you're behind the wheel, you rely on other drivers to use reasonable care to avoid collisions. Drivers who speed, however, neglect this responsibility, putting themselves and others on the roads in danger of a crash.

Speeding accidents often cause serious injuries. The force of an impact in a speed-related crash is often high, because as speed increases, so does the force with which the speeding vehicle will hit another vehicle, object, or person. Higher force means more serious crashes, which result in more serious or even deadly injuries. If you've been injured in a speeding crash, please contact an Atlanta speeding car accident lawyer at Grant Law Office to learn more about your legal rights. To learn more about your legal rights and options, please call (404) 995-3955.

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Filing a Lawsuit: Time Limits in Georgia

Georgia's legal code includes a law called the "statute of limitations." This law limits the time you have after an injury to file a lawsuit in court seeking compensation from the party that injured you. For a personal injury claim, the time window to file your claim is two years.

When this two-year "window" opens depends on the facts of your specific case. Often, it begins on the date of the crash and ends two calendar years later. Since many factors can affect how the two years is counted, however, you should speak to a qualified lawyer who can help you determine when the time limit expires and file any claims you have before that deadline.

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What Are Types of Speeding?

The driving behavior we call "speeding" can be broken down into two types: exceeding the posted speed limit and driving too fast for conditions. The two types may occur individually or together, and each greatly increases the risk of a crash.

Most people think of "speeding" as "exceeding the posted speed limit" - for instance, by driving at 40 miles per hour when the signs say the speed limit is 30 miles per hour. This type of speeding can be subject to speeding tickets and fines, with penalties increasing as the amount by which one exceeds the posted speed limit increases.

However, even a driver who is traveling at or below the posted speed limit may be "speeding" if he or she is driving too fast for conditions. Weather plays a major role in determining whether a speed is too fast for conditions; wet or icy roads, for instance, call for reduced speed because water and ice make it difficult to stop quickly. Construction and school zones also create conditions that call for a lower speed, as does heavy traffic or large numbers of pedestrians. A driver who is not exceeding the posted speed limit can still cause serious injuries if he or she is driving too fast for conditions.

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Speak with a Car Accident Lawyer in Atlanta About Your Excessive Speed Accident Claim

At Grant Law Office our experienced Atlanta car accident attorneys know how dangerous reckless driving can be. Whether a driver was going faster than the posted speed limit or going too fast for road conditions, when injuries result, our skilled lawyers can help you get the compensation you need. For a free and confidential consultation, contact us today.

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