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Accidents happen, and innocent individuals suffer injuries when drivers fail to exercise reasonable care when operating their vehicles. In Pine Lake, car accidents remain a concern despite its peaceful atmosphere. To ensure safer roads, we must analyze contributing factors, understand local prevention initiatives, and promote community awareness. In addressing serious car accident injuries, it is vital to understand their causes, the types of injuries involved, and how victims may be compensated for their injuries.

If you or someone you love has been seriously injured in a car accident, you can trust the Pine Lake personal injury lawyers at Grant Law Office to go the distance for you. We pour all our resources into the pursuit of justice and compensation for those who have suffered severe injuries in vehicle accidents. Our leading husband-and-wife team of attorneys, Wayne and Kimberly Grant, have a wealth of legal experience that spans more than 60 years. We are proud of our long history of favorable settlements and verdicts and take our responsibilities to our clients very seriously.

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Common Causes of Car Accidents

The NHTSA (National Highway Traffic Safety Administration) tracks accidents and injuries across the nation. The agency reports on the most common types of risky driving, which include:

  • Drunk driving: Some vehicle operators take the risk of driving while under the influence of alcohol, and it continues to be a major cause of serious, catastrophic, or fatal car accidents nationwide.
  • Distracted driving: The advent of cell phones has created a situation in which drivers take their eyes off the road to read a text, or even write a text, or have their attention on a phone call rather than the road ahead. Along with the risks of mobile phones, activities such as eating, grooming, or daydreaming contribute to the high number of distracted driving accidents.
  • Drowsy driving: A tired driver can be as dangerous as a drunk driver. Reaction times are slowed, perception is limited, and the driver becomes prone to making serious driving errors due to fatigue.
  • Speeding: Drivers who exceed the posted speed limit put innocent drivers and their passengers at risk of a serious or fatal injury accident. A driver who speeds may be weaving from lane to lane, increasing the risk of causing a collision.

Although not as common, car accidents caused by vehicle malfunctions do occur. These issues may include flat tires, brake malfunctions, and electrical problems. Poor roadway conditions often cause car accidents. These conditions include slippery or icy roads, potholes, construction zones, and fallen trees or electrical lines.

Poor visibility caused by various weather conditions often leads to accidents. Some common examples of such accidents are rain, snow, fog, glare from the sun, and windy conditions.

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Types of Injuries Associated with Car Accidents

Car accidents can cause a wide range of injuries, from minor to severe, such as:

  • Broken bones
  • Internal injuries
  • Head injuries
  • Back injuries
  • Spinal cord injuries
  • Traumatic brain injuries (TBIs)
  • Fatal injuries

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Legal Compensation for Your Injuries

It’s crucial to exercise caution when using motor vehicles as they are powerful and massive machines that can cause severe harm or even death if not handled carefully. The duration of your hospital stay varies depending on the severity of your injuries, ranging from a few hours to a few months. However, hospital fees can be expensive, and treatment costs can skyrocket quickly. It’s not uncommon for medical bills to exceed insurance coverage or the other driver’s insurance coverage. Moreover, the loss of income during hospitalization or future earning potential can result in significant financial losses.

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Wrongful Death Cases

If a family member has passed away due to the injuries sustained in a car accident, specific members of the close family may have the right to file a wrongful death claim. The family’s losses may be significant, both financially and emotionally. The types of damages pursued in a wrongful death claim or lawsuit may include:

  • The medical bills incurred by your loved one prior to death.
  • The loss of earnings your loved one would have provided the family had they lived.
  • The loss of support, guidance, and love the family member provided.
  • Funeral and burial costs.

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We’ll Stand by Your Side After a Pine Lake Car Accident

The skilled car accident lawyers at Grant Law Office are dedicated to helping you achieve the compensation you deserve. We’ll fight for justice on your behalf and ensure your rights are protected every step of the way.

Our Pine Lake car accident attorneys will work tirelessly to ensure you receive the best possible outcome, even if we must take your case to trial. To schedule a free consultation about your case, call (404) 995-3955 today.

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